June 12-13, 2021 Virtual Meeting

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International Laparoscopic Liver Society

We cordially invite you to participate in the 3rd World Congress of International Laparoscopic Liver Society (ILLS) which is now a live Virtual Meeting on June 12-13, 2021 (Saturday/Sunday). After successful and stimulating summits in Paris and Tokyo, we look forward to the academic exchange on the latest advancements and future of minimally invasive liver surgery.  The meeting will consist of invited speakers, Best of the competitive abstracts/videos, a Virtual Exhibit Hall, and Industry-sponsored sessions. Abstract/video submission opens January 4, 2021.

The term laparoscopy comes from “laparoskopie”, which is derived from two Greek words: “laparo”, meaning flank, and the verb “skopje”, meaning to look or observe, dating conceptionally back to the time of Hippocrates around 400 BC.

In our time, “laparoskopie” has progressed from the idea of mere observation to the execution of the most complex liver surgeries to date. It would have required a tremendous amount of imagination, only a few years ago, to envision that minimally invasive major liver resection with three dimensional or near infrared image guidance would become routine at many centers around the world, and that automated functional liver reconstruction would be available, or autonomous liver surgery be even imaginable. Such advancements are due to the collective imagination of our global community of MIS liver surgeons and our desire to share and learn from each other. The next opportunity to integrate our collective knowledge and experiences is the 3rd World Congress of ILLS.

We are confident that there is no better way than this World Congress for liver surgeons to learn novel techniques, engage with innovative technology, and become inspired to serve their patients with new skills and knowledge – less traumatically and more effectively.

We are looking forward to “seeing” you in June. We are excited to learn from you, and together, to continue pushing the frontiers of our field.


David Geller, MD – Pittsburgh
Congress Chair, President-elect ILLS

Claudius Conrad MD PhD – Boston
Program Co-Chair

Horacio Asbun, MD – Miami
Program Co-Chair


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